'Our Green Statement'
Our primary focus is transparency with our customers, we currently work as a team of two,
'Dusty' is a labour of love that occupies our spare time.We have found the creativity is a much needed outlet in our lives in Yorkshire. We work with natural products, are not currently shipping outside the UK until we can find a more environmental way of doing so. We review our packaging regularly, being mindful to use recyclable materials only. Gathering recycled packaging from friends and loved ones to reuse in deliveries where possible and have sourced attractive and study boxes in the hope that our customers will use these again and again.
To ensure our 3D products reach you in the best condition, we have needed to use a small amount of (evil) bubble wrap. This is something we are working hard to resolve and are looking into a suitable plastic alternative which is kinder to our environment which we hope to roll out from the start of 2021. We are even mindful about the seemly smaller bits such as our address labels. We are using a thermal printer meaning no ink! We have sourced the best water based paint, stains and sealants for our products and continue on this journey of sustainability as we progress into 2021. 
Since our first sign, we have created nearly 40 pieces. We've bought and found several dressers, book cases and desks that were destined for landfill along with purchasing some sustainably sourced FCE solid wood to create our slightly larger or thinner meaningful forever pieces for your home, nursery, man cave or wedding. As a couple it's really important for us to address the issues we face today in this 'throw away' culture, and give an old out dated piece of furniture a new lease of life into something you'll treasure for a lifetime.
Using sustainable sourced wood to create our pieces is a step in the right direction but it didn't feel enough for us. Getting involved with social projects is also high on our agenda. After researching companies such as 'Trees for life' 'Woodland trust' 'Forestry England UK' and 'The Land Trust' we have made the pledge to give 10 volunteer days each year (once government restrictions allow) to planting trees and taking part in conservation work to keep us mindful of the importance of sustainability and longevity of our resources and the planet. This September we have applied to work at the nearest site to us with Forestry England UK to restore and maintain Dalby forest in North York Moors in 2021. 
With every piece we aim to be better, do more and make a difference.