Where it all began

first half of our story
We were both born in Yorkshire but on very different paths. Paul left college to start a career running large events. In 2015 he took the huge step to start his own video production company in Harrogate working for some of the biggest companies in the UK. Cassie moved to York for University where she studied Art and Graphic designs before unexpectedly discovered her calling, to look after students in boarding schools.

second half of our storyWe met in 2018 over a Starbucks coffee, we met, laughed and 6 months later moved in together. We found a project to convert a van into a 'self build' camper for getaways and instead of tantrums and fall outs, it brought out the best in us. In July 2019 we set off to Africa to canoe the Zambezi river raising money for the conservation groups in Zambia and learned that we're a lot stronger and better together.

York together 

March 2020 came the cementing of our lives together as we announced our engagement to family and friends. It didn't take long to find our venue near Helmsley and set the date. Not giving ourselves long to save, we decided on May 2021. Plans were soon on hold with the arrival of a world pandemic, and overnight we found ourselves at home with a lot of time on our hands. 
We searched online for wedding inspiration and found the sorts of signs and guestbooks we wanted to keep after our big day but with them being in the US, the price plus shipping meant they were out of our budget.


We got together and started eyeing up our old furniture. We decided to take apart our wooden bed side tables that were slightly dog chewed but still good solid pine wood. Paul sanded each piece, stained and painted them. Cassie rediscovered her past love designing and went in to create a design for Paul to follow and he got started on engraving them.
The satisfaction of transforming old pieces of solid wooden, repurposing it, by recycling it into the most beautiful pieces to display in our future home makes them even more special. This is the feeling we've shared with many of our friends, family and customers over the past 6 months.