Uk Honeymoons 2021

Whilst for some, the idea on a beach on a distant shore with the love of their life for two weeks is pure bliss, there are those that might like something a little closer it home.
To start, you'll need to decide whether you’re wanting a hotel/spa break, a cheeky B&B or a secluded cottage somewhere. This is your special time away for you both and remember it comes in all shapes and’s time to start discovering your new favourite place.  
Now before you start take a look at these handy and helpful tips. 
Tip one: Check price comparison sites for hotels, B&B's and so on.
Tip two: Don’t book through them until you’ve called the hotel direct. You can often get a better deal this way
(and if not, you can still book online once you’re off the phone)
Tip three: Shout about it being your honeymoon - you may find some unexpected chocolates, champagne or lovely things in your room and why shouldn’t everyone be as excited as you are to celebrate your happy union with your best friend!
Tip four: You’re still in the uk! Pack for hail, snow, sleet, wind, fog, drizzle, wet and sunny weather to avoid disappointment. 
My personal recommendations across the UK are as follows:  

City Gems

If you're craving city life, cafe's, bars and a selection of fantastic restaurants to choose from, this could be your perfect break away. Remember Google is your friend, get back to your youth and book a bus ticket, leave your car and responsibilities behind and explore! Search for galleries, historical must see's, live music venues, theatres, and the romantic corners of the city. Take a look at Bath, BelfastBrighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Tunbridge Wells, Warwick and York.

Countryside paradise

A peaceful walk in the countryside to talk about all the memories from your special day, discuss your hopes and dreams for the future, all whilst making your way closer to a cracking pub for some splendid food. You don't have to go far away from the cities to find the most breathtaking countryside 'in Englands green and pleasant lands' so take a look at Aberystwyth, Cornwall, Dover, Hutton le Hole, Lake District, Loch Lomond, Runswick Bay, and Telford. 

Wilderness hideaway

Honeymooning for those that only want to see each other. Getting away from it all, being at one with each other and nature is such an experience for the soul. I'd love to recommend downloading the Ordinance survey app on your phone, it's so user friendly and means that wherever you end up, you'll have a route to bring you back - prefect for exploring but please remember to dress appropriately for all weathers and don't forget your camera! Try visiting Ashdown Forest, Blakeney National Reserve, Cairngorms National Park, Cardin Mill Valley, Dartmoor National Reserve, Isle of Skye, Jurassic Coast, Peak District and Suffolk coast
Remember don’t put too much pressure on finding the perfect place. The UK in incredible, emerging from 2020, the tourist industry will be ready to make any experience you choose the best it can be for you both. Remember if you keep things relaxed, have a wet weather plan, a deck of cards for drinking or ‘other games’, as long as you are with your other half, or your small family or even your fur babies you’ll have the time of your lives. Honeymoon, mini moon or family moon, no right or wrong so get your maps out and plan away - Good Luck!