The Wonders of Wood

At the Dusty Barn, we're getting used to the covering of sawdust on nearly everything we own and love creating pieces from furniture that would usually end up in the skip. Most of the wood we come across is the unloved and outdated pine furniture. It is a soft wood but surprisingly hard and perfect wood for carving out our designs. 

People have been carving wood for millennia, and we are honoured to make our make in the world with our little homemade brand.

We have found a beauty of wood in its natural state, the grain visible and the knots adding real character. Whilst carving, we've fallen in love with it's smell! Our pine is also beautiful once stained, the grain appears less but the texture looks so much richer. With using the highest quality furniture paint, our signs are also stunning with a clean coating with the natural wood exposed underneath the carve. 

Next on our wood odyssey, we had our 'Dusty Barn' logo made into a hand held branding iron which has meant we can mark each of our pieces with our name, our brand that we have grown so proud of. The smoke, smell and marks left by us with branding and carving complete our achievements. 

We've all seen the thousand of pallet projects, where the wood still looks like broken, like rubbish, or even unusable, but with a lot of love and a cracking sanding disk we uncover the most remarkable pieces. It's been known that pallets can be made from anything from the standard Pine and Oak, to the more exciting Birch, Maple, Ash, Beech, Cherry, Walnut, Poplar, Willow, Linden, Aspen, Cedar, Spruce, Fir and even Hemlock. You can see the variety so clearly on our Home collection 'Heart piece' I really want one of these in every room in my house, we totally love them! 


From 2018-2020 our show off wood working projects before ‘The Dusty Barn’ are as follows – we've learnt a lot and blogs will follow on our camping adventures soon.